Sander de Wilde (1968) : professional portrait- and documentary photographer based in Brussels (Belgium).

Born Dutch he’s addicted to Dutch ‘drop’ (black sweets), sailing, biking, skating, cheese in all it’s forms, history and life in general. He is pragmatic, quite direct, restless and practical but…relaxed.

Aging, traveling and living in Brussels learned him to be relaxed and less ‘Dutch’ , e.g. more European.

-Inspired by his father -an insect-photographing anthropologist- and his mother -a medical analist with a darkroom- Sander started photographing at 10.

After dropping out of university, doing army-time and having worked in the pro photo-gear business too long, Sander found the courage to follow his heart and visited the Royal Academy of arts at The Hague, studying photography. He worked in several photo studios before starting as a freelance photographer in 2002.

Moving to Belgium in 2008 bended his career into photojournalism, where he now shoots mainly portraits and other editorial assignments for international clients.

De Wilde creates bold images with visual clarity and a classic sense of composition, that resonate with the individual personality and style of each person or event he photographs.
He delivers images that are quiet, yet in a way dynamic, through his photojournalistic eye and insider’s view of his topics and the (corporate) world.
With his intelligent application of light, strong connection to his subjects and the unique elements of each location,
de Wilde creates images that resonate authenticity and warmth on the spot. He is committed to creating images that tell stories – his advertising and editorial client’s stories-.

De Wilde takes the time to conceptualize, create and deliver photography that aligns with your editorial or branding needs – before your deadlines arrives.

Visit his entire portfolio.

You can reach Sander on +32(0)495 79 39 22

and by mail at info@sanderdewilde.com

©all images copyright protected by Sander de Wilde and SOFAM Belgium.
For any enquiries on using these images: contact the photographer for your license.
Sander de Wilde photgrapher
Sander de Wilde

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