Photographer in Lockdown

My creative initiatives were picked up by some media beginning of the year. During the first Covid-19 lockdown in Belgium they interviewed me on my workshops, photography projects and more. Check out the… Continue reading

the ultimate streetphotographer

a publication on street photography in Brussels

Why You’re Going To Want A 360 Camera

The tiny globe—it looks a bit like a GoPro, a bit like a webcam—captures 360-degree photos and videos using two fish-eye lenses. And it attracts curious people like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.… Continue reading

shooting a Commissioner in B&W

photographing Margrethe Vestager in Black and white

At home with Herman Van Rompuy

photojournalist De Wilde photographed Herman Van Rompuy at home for Dutch newspaper Trouw.

Demotix vanished, Corbis sold.

As a photographer I used to be happy to work for Corbis. Bill Gates’ own personal agency (he loves photography) now is sold to the Chinese, and the footage will be available through Getty.… Continue reading

the wire

the wire published on lensculture. photography

Brussels Terror alert weekend

a week after the Paris Attacks. A week in Brussels, a locked down city.

Our fading memories: The life of a selfie stick seller.

The ego rules, and it’s good for business. People want to look good on their selfie, and I even know a former photographer who made a living out of professional selfie trainings. Tourism vs.… Continue reading

OMG… not another photography newsletter!!???

REvue shows the new way of newsletters

the refugee park

I wrote my first story for MEDIUM. The great platform to share stories. OK My photographic report was a personal story already published on my website a few days ago, but I think… Continue reading

5 tips for authentic people shoots

5 tips for authentic people shoots – Senior Art Director @manmakehome via @GettyCreativity 5 tips for authentic people shoots Creating genuine, relatable imagery of people is one of the more challenging tasks when… Continue reading

War is great-Waterloo

Photographic story on re-enactment of the bicentennial of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo.

Portrait of Bill Wiley in the Guardian

  It was a last minute assignment, shooting this portrait for the Guardian. War crimes investigation is a difficult issue photographing in an anonymus building somewhere in Belgium. I was happy a collegue… Continue reading

Production Paradise mentioning my….words

As a regular publicist on Production Paradise I saw them using my positive words on their mailing. Showcases show all the best photographers/videographers/editors from a particular city and now they are focusing on… Continue reading

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