A team effort. Photographing a team in 9 different shoots.

For a company in Brussels I was asked to do some group photography and head shots.

A stitched group photo being 9 different group shots shopped together
A stitched group photo being 9 different group shots shopped together

I would get everyone individually in front of my camera on location at their offices. But to get all coworkers at the same time on that location was impossible.
Another problem was the space itself. Big enough for a headshot or a small group, but not enough space for a group shot with 40 people in it.

So I came up with the idea to split the group shot into little groups.
The final picture would be used on their web page, and I suggested to do it in Black and White, so clothes wouldn’t distract from the website’s design.

After talking about the details I made 9 small group shots of about 4 people.

The final result was made in photoshop montage. It can be used as a web page image, and as a scrolling banner. The company was really happy with the result, as were all photographed coworkers.

scrolling banner group shot
scrolling banner group shot

The secret is to shoot every group from the same distance, with the same lighting, and same focal point.



Hope you can use this info on your next assignment.

The Masked Monkeys of Indonesia

Photographer Ed Wray was terrified the first time he encountered a masked monkey. Having lived and worked in Jakarta as a freelance photographer for years he was accustomed to seeing the animals, cruelly leashed by chains, jumping through hoops or riding trikes on the sidewalks. But the mask was a terrifying twist.

The Masked Monkeys of Indonesia

Spotlight Magazine publication

I work with Production Paradise. This month’s spotlight magazine focuses on Corporate photography, and I though it could be useful to spread the word and be in it. I like to vary in clients, so why not do corporate or events next to journalism?

Portraits are portraits, you know.

visit the magazine (I’m in between those photographers from New York and London, and I guess I’m the only one from Brussels but well… You can also just visit my corporate profile page.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-10 om 15.08.38 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-10 om 15.09.10

Photographic story : The Dutch sold New York now featured on Stitch

Hi there,

I am happy to say my photographic story on the Dutch was published on Stitch. Go see WE CALL IT STITCH for the entire story.

publication on Stitch
Photographic story on the Dutch leaving Holland for the USA now published on Stitch

I got Stitched

YES, Dutch sold New York now featured on Stitch

Hi there, I am happy to say my photographic story on the Dutch was published on Stitch.

Chris Nunn on Donetsk: “I had no idea at the time that I’d probably never be able to return.”

Sander de Wilde:

Like Chris Nunn’s work, so I do a reblog of his work on Ukrain for you to see.

Originally posted on Prison Photography:


I wrote a piece about Chris Nunn‘s photographs in Ukraine, for Vantage.

Read Accidentally Photographing War In Ukraine.

Nunn, an Englishman, has been hopping flights to Ukraine since 2006 — first with a Ukrainian a girl he dated at uni, and later to trace his roots.

In early 2013 and without a jot of the language he went in search of a connection to the country and its people.

To quote me:

“He had no idea that he was about to be wrapped up in a regional conflict that would draw the world’s attention. His photography became less a personal journey and more an accidental documentary of a nation in steady decline toward war.”

Nunn even ended up in camp with Ukrainian Army conscripts. His mix of portraits and environmental shots is quite poignant. I received an email from Nunn this morning:

“Donetsk. I had no idea…

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