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I wrote my first story for MEDIUM. The great platform to share stories. OK My photographic report was a personal story already published on my website a few days ago, but I think Medium is a great way to show my work, both visually and also on the content side. I can write more words than just a caption, and I think that is quite important nowadays.

camping refugees camp
A refugee camp in Brussels

5 tips for authentic people shoots

5 tips for authentic people shoots – Senior Art Director @manmakehome via @GettyCreativity

5 tips for authentic people shoots

Creating genuine, relatable imagery of people is one of the more challenging tasks when it comes to photography and videography. Senior Art Director Guy Merrill talks us through his five production tips to ensure that your people shoots look authentic and believable. The post 5 tips for authentic people shoots appeared first on Stories and Trends .

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War is great-Waterloo

200 years ago Napoleon fought his last battle just near Brussels, in Waterloo.

As a photographer I started following the preparations of this biggest re-enactment ever in Europe half a year ago. I visited events all over Europe, and followed the re-enactors where ever they went.

The purpose of this living history is to learn people about what really happened, and the re-enactors take this very serious. From clothing, to arms and behavior or battle tactics.

I thought showing the surreal side of the war-tourism, re-enactment hobby and the passion of the people involved was an interesting subject. These images are from the Battle of Ligny, the last battle Napoleon won, just a few days before Waterloo, that he lost as you know.

They will become part of my project WAR IS GREAT already published as on my website. Hope to get it published later on.

For now event are all around, but the big event, Waterloo200 18th of June, was only for the event-photographers of major agencies and media, so I can’t even get in there.

Happily the smaller events, and focusing on the human side of the war-tourism, gave me enough footage and inspiration to work with.

Have a look at the story WAR IS GREAT and spread it if you like.

Portrait of Bill Wiley in the Guardian


It was a last minute assignment, shooting this portrait for the Guardian. War crimes investigation is a difficult issue photographing in an anonymus building somewhere in Belgium.

I was happy a collegue passed by my portable flash, making a mysterious shadow  appear on the map of Syria hanging on the wall.


You can read the piece here.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 09.54.01

Production Paradise mentioning my….words

As a regular publicist on Production Paradise I saw them using my positive words on their mailing.

Showcases show all the best photographers/videographers/editors from a particular city and now they are focusing on Brussels again. And it really works. I got quite some leads and jobs just from being in there.

Production Paradise mailing
Production Paradise mailing

A team effort. Photographing a team in 9 different shoots.

For a company in Brussels I was asked to do some group photography and head shots.

A stitched group photo being 9 different group shots shopped together
A stitched group photo being 9 different group shots shopped together

I would get everyone individually in front of my camera on location at their offices. But to get all coworkers at the same time on that location was impossible.
Another problem was the space itself. Big enough for a headshot or a small group, but not enough space for a group shot with 40 people in it.

So I came up with the idea to split the group shot into little groups.
The final picture would be used on their web page, and I suggested to do it in Black and White, so clothes wouldn’t distract from the website’s design.

After talking about the details I made 9 small group shots of about 4 people.

The final result was made in photoshop montage. It can be used as a web page image, and as a scrolling banner. The company was really happy with the result, as were all photographed coworkers.

scrolling banner group shot
scrolling banner group shot

The secret is to shoot every group from the same distance, with the same lighting, and same focal point.


Hope you can use this info on your next assignment.

The Masked Monkeys of Indonesia

Photographer Ed Wray was terrified the first time he encountered a masked monkey. Having lived and worked in Jakarta as a freelance photographer for years he was accustomed to seeing the animals, cruelly leashed by chains, jumping through hoops or riding trikes on the sidewalks. But the mask was a terrifying twist.

The Masked Monkeys of Indonesia