PM Balkenende visits Rotterdam

This is PM Balkenende while being led through a social building project in Rotterdam by the big boss of Woonbron. (The social housing company getting into financial problems because of buying a ship… Continue reading


Polaroid transfer of my recordcase.

Rotterdam city

Kop van Zuid Rotterdam seen in a different way.


corporate photography portrait

Portrait of this ceo of a social housing company in Rotterdam.

Polaroid 45 and car-photography

When I just started photography, I did automotive photography for Donkervoort (Dutch sportscars) with my Cambo 4×5″ camera. I love to do Polaroid 45, with instant negatives, developed on the spot!


Nice Black and white shot of a fish-eatery at the beach of Scheveningen.


Girls on Polaroid 554

Back in Veendam I did some polaroid 554 shooting with instant black and white negatives. Great product, loved it on the Hasselblad.

Polaroid transfers

When I used to work in a camerashop, and could obtain all outdated polaroid-films, I tried to experiment with things like Polaroid transfers.

I still love the effect, choosing the right paper, being in the darkroom.

Visit to Kashmir

It was way before 2000 that I visited Kashmir. We tend to know this region because of all the violance between the people (Pakistani and Indians) Muslims and Hindi, but in fact this region, just down the Himalaya is so beautiful, and once was very touristic. Nowadays people don’t dare to go there, and on every corner you’ll find the military protecting the peace.

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