War is great-Waterloo

200 years ago Napoleon fought his last battle just near Brussels, in Waterloo.

As a photographer I started following the preparations of this biggest re-enactment ever in Europe half a year ago. I visited events all over Europe, and followed the re-enactors where ever they went.

The purpose of this living history is to learn people about what really happened, and the re-enactors take this very serious. From clothing, to arms and behavior or battle tactics.

I thought showing the surreal side of the war-tourism, re-enactment hobby and the passion of the people involved was an interesting subject. These images are from the Battle of Ligny, the last battle Napoleon won, just a few days before Waterloo, that he lost as you know.

They will become part of my project WAR IS GREAT already published as on my website. Hope to get it published later on.

For now event are all around, but the big event, Waterloo200 18th of June, was only for the event-photographers of major agencies and media, so I can’t even get in there.

Happily the smaller events, and focusing on the human side of the war-tourism, gave me enough footage and inspiration to work with.

Have a look at the story WAR IS GREAT and spread it if you like.