How to shoot a billionaire

For an assignment from The Wall Street Journal I was asked to photograph a CEO during an interview. This sounds rather simple, but in fact it isn’t.

CEO’s mostly don’t have time for photography, and shooting while they are talking and listening with the journalist(s) isn’t very spontaneous.

I arrived early on the job ( in one of the best hotels of Brussels) when it happened that the interview had started even earlier than that.

I entered the room where the interview was taking place and in that small room were already 6 people.

The CEO and someone else, in front of two journalists, and backed by two juridical and communication advisers.

I crawled on my knees from one journalist to another, hoping to see the interviewees in the eyes. Good for me they were catching nice daylight.

After an hour of full concentration, focusing on emotions, gestures, and listening to the Q&A, I thought it would be a good idea not to shoot only the CEO I was asked to shoot, but the other one seemed quite interesting (and funny) too.

In the end ‘the other one’ turned out to be the famous John Malone, an American billionaire and investor. After the interview I asked for a real portrait, but time was finished and I could only do a snap.