Pop-ups in Brussels: Gin + Tea

My first reblog, on a nice pop up restaurant in Brussels/ Ixelles by Angelina Hue

Angelina Hue

“Pop-ups are so passé in the UK,” a colleague recently said to me. I’ve no doubt that she’s right but I love the idea of such ephemeral experiences regardless of how trendy (or not) they may be. As long as they are done right – by this, I mean it should be an unusual and indelible occurrence within a limited period.

Recently, in Brussels, I had the pleasure of going to two such pop-ups.

The first, The Tea Garage, was literally a tea bar in a garage. I had walked past it last year – it’s round the corner from my place – but didn’t stop to find out more then as I thought it was a private event. It was by chance that I read about it on Facebook this year. I immediately made a note to check it out during one of the three weekends that it would be running.

You could either…

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