Why this images has been seen >6000 times

Well, probably while it is the ‘Grote Markt’, the center of Brussels, the main tourist attraction, and when future visitors (tourists) check out Brussels online,
they often end up visiting Brussels using Google Maps. Exploring the Grote Markt can be done by using Street View, Panoramio, and now even better:
Using Google Views.
Did you know these panoramas can be made commercially too?
You now can hire a photographer (like me) and let him produce a professional 360 of your business (shop, hotel, B&B), and let him upload it to Views.
Of course you can try this yourself too, but the shere quality when using a professional pays of.
You pano will be on Google Views, and (when approved) it can show up in Google Maps too. A great way to communicate with future clients,
and to show off your beautiful business.