Afghans in Belgium occupy refugee center Brussels and use children for their cause

Two men sit on their beds, waiting for the future.

Two men sit on their beds, waiting for the future.

I just published a new story on Corbis/Demotix on a group of 200 Afghan refugees in Brussels, occupying a building to protest against harsh asylum regulations in Belgium.

A lot of them have children speaking fluently Dutch and/or French. They are the ones that speak in the media, and that is what the minister calls emotional blackmail.

A man even told me it’s stupid, they speak even better Dutch than the half of Belgium, but they can’t stay. A lot of them worked with their orange card in Belgium for several years, even paying taxes, but now are sent back while their procedure ended negative.

Many children were born and raised here, but still the entire family is sent back, they said.  Maggie De Block, minister of asylum is attacked by the Afghans for being unfair to them. Maggie says they are using children as emotional blackmail, and that Belgium achknowledges 50% of all Afghan refugees, which is more than surrounding countries.


Have a look at all pictures on Demotix.