And the Belgian Belfius press-awards are won by….

The media.

It surprises me that  Dutch speaking media bring the news on the Belfius Awards only by focusing on themselves only.

They all mention the award won by their medium, but will not mention all the winners and sometimes not even the name of the journalist.

Belgian national TV is proud of their award for tv-news.

Newspaper De Standaard invested in datjournalism and made Maxi Eckert win an award.

The Press Radio award was won by  Radio 1  Joos.

Two journalists, Lars Bové and Bart Haeck of De Tijd won the main award, on financial economic news, with a story on Bernard Arnault and his firms in Belgium, revealing Belgium as a tax-paradise.

A story that made a lot of political turmoil.

De Tijd also states winning the photography press-award.

The winner of the press-award for photography was Belgian photographer Colin Delfosse with a serie on M23 fighters in Northern-Kivu.

He won the Sony award with the same serie before, and the Tijd did publish his work but I don’t know if they assigned him for his travels.

French speaking media are more objektive and write about all winners, like l’Avenir,  RTL and DH.

What de Tijd and Trends/Knack do with the protest outside the Belfius building during the Award ceremony is ok.

They do mention the protest of Belfius unionists criticizing freedom of speech for Belfius employees.

As the winner of the 2011 Belfius Award on photography I was asked to help judging the photography category and to assist the final judging yesterday.

A great experience and the judging really was a tough job. Reading, listening and watching all those news-items. Serious discussion on some categories, but I’m quite happy with the winners. Congratulations!

The judges saw the level of journalism being quite high, but ask all journalists to please send more work next year.