One never knows what photos editors pick




As you saw in a previous post, I did quite some photographing at the coronation of Willem-Alexander in Holland. And what did I find? Only one picture was used until now, and it is this totally boring picture of mine, at least, when you compare it to all the colorful images I shot over there in Amsterdam.




Well, this is a online publication. The other images, spread by Corbis and Hollandse Hoogte, could end up in magazines too, but a photographer only knows this at its best one month later. All that without seeing the final publication, or even knowing what paper or magazine it was published in. Just by seeing the bill the agency sent with sold footage.




That is the frustrating thing of being a photographer nowadays. You don’t know if your pictures get sold. And when you get to know they were sold, you see the bill, but often you don’t know in what publication they ended up, or in what layout or on what page they were used.




OK, never mind. The real kick of photography is the process of capturing  the images. Whatever happens with them later on, is history!


De 10 best verkochte foto's van Hollandse Hoogte

De 10 best verkochte foto’s van Hollandse Hoogte (Photo credit: marcoderksen)