how to refocus your pictures with a Lytro lightfield camera ?

It sounds like coming from the future. Taking snapshot and refocusing on your subject, or the background, afterwards. It is possible and affordable with this new camera.

OK, It’s just a fun gadget and has nothing to do with the art of photography, but I just wanted to show you. Have a look at the gallery where you can refocus all images taken by the Lytro. It’s fun, but can it ever be usefull? I guess only when the focalpoint is also zoomable afterwards, and when the reaction time is really only a splitsecond. IT looks a bit premature now, but I’d love to try it.

Trying out the Lytro light field camera

Trying out the Lytro light field camera (Photo credit: John Biehler)

Lytro Powered Eric Cheng

Lytro Powered Eric Cheng (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)



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