European press prizes shortlist

and the winners are
One of them is the Afrikaner Blood project. They also won at World press photo: multimedia award.

Ilvy Njiokiktjien / Elles van Gelder – Netherlands – Project ‘Afrikaner Blood’
The Article ‘Survival of the Whitest’ has been published in English (Telegraph Magazine), Italian In Espresso “A Scuola di Razzismo”, in The Netherlands and elsewhere. The project “Afrikaner Blood’ contains a documentary film, to be seen YouTube and shown on several film festivals, as well as photo’s and video material on online platforms. The article is well-investigated and well-written, about a subject that reaches further than the situation in South Africa: white teens trained by extreme right-wingers, a generation of isolations, self-loathing and resentment. Not only has the article been widely published, the project reached European countries, Japan and most importantly South Africa. 18 years after the end of apartheid it sparked a discussion about the current tensions and in an investigation into the training camp. The combination of content and impact, as a result of the multi-media approach is an inspiring example of what journalism can be when it reaches beyond the mainstream methods.