The day Michelle Martin was released from prison

For me this was a day at court.Waiting at the exit of a prison, for a blindfolded car with Michelle Martin, or at the convent where she will spend her next 10  years with the Sisters, no that’s not my cup of tea. So, for my photo-agency Corbis, I followed the High Court in Brussels today, where would be decided whether she could leave prison today.

Cleaning the halls of court just before starting the case in high court.

A policemen forces the international press out of the High Court.

A policeman looks through a round window at the high court, deliberating with closed doors.

Lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier (left) talks to the press while father of victim Julie; Jean-Denis Lejeune right has a moment for himself.

Barrister Georges-Henri Beauthier, representing Dutroux’ victims, awaiting the verdict of the court.

Albert Fettweiss, chair of the high court just before the verdict.

Lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier defending the victims of Dutroux, talking to the press after the verdict.

Thierry Moreau, the lawyer representing Michelle Martin, talking to the press just after the verdict.