Roma ending up in Brussels

Roma in Brussels

Trainstation Brussels North, our home.

Brussels governments evicts Roma family from trainstation where they live for more than a year now. They say to be evicted from Slovakia, because of racist behaviour of skinheaeded extremists. I found a piece on them by the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE), Switzerland.

Roma live on trainstation Brussels

The Milan Šimecka Foundation recorded a
case of unlawful forced eviction of Roma
family Berko in Kosice on 6 October 006.
The family was a legal tenant of a municipal
flat from 1987 and regularly paid rent and
utilities. In September 006, a representative
of the housing administrator of Kosice municipality announced to the family that the
state of the building was corrupted and they
would have to move out for a limited period
of time. The representative proposed substitute housing in the form of a flat in Lunik IX (a
segregated Roma ghetto in Kosice).
The Berko family acquiesced to the proposal to
move out, if only for reconstruction reasons,
but refused to move to Lunik IX. Later, the representative let Mr. Berko, who is illiterate, sign
a document supposedly related to water supplies. In reality it was a lease contract for the
flat in Lunik IX. Despite protests, in October
the administrator of municipal flats entered
the Berko family flat, evicted the tenants,
removed all the furnishings and sealed the
empty flat. There were no measures to evict
other non-Roma tenants of the flat block, nor
were they informed about alleged corrupted
static of the building. The Milan Simecka
Foundation will provide the family with necessary legal assistance and bring a legal
complaint to the police.