How to photograph a EU Summit in Brussels

You better don’t! All the agencies are there, the EU makes pictures themself, free of charge, so why bother.

But if you like:

1 you’ll need full accreditation.

2 for the tour the table only one photographer per country is allowed in.

3 You can’t shoot both.

4 Press confonferences are open to all accridated photographers.

So how to make something special?

This time I focused on the Heads of State of the European Union while they were in their cars, just before getting out and touching the red carpet.

EU Summit Brussels arrivals

EU Summit Brussels arrival of Angela Merkel(germany)

Silvio Berlusconi arriving at summit


President of Slovakia arriving

George Papandreou Prime minister of Greece arriving at EU Summit

Nicolas Sarkozy President of France arrives at EU summit

Yves Leterme of Belgium arriving at EU summit

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