Biggest reform ever in Belgium:new #nogov

Brussels 20111011 Elio di Rupo, leader of the French-speaking socialists presented the biggest reforms ever for Belgium. After 485 days of netotiating with 8 parties.from left to right  Jean-Michel Javaux (Ecolo) Caroline Genez (spa) Charles Michel (MR) Elio di Rupo (PS) Wouter Beke (cd&v)  Laurette  Onkelinx (PS) Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) en Joëlle Milquet  (cdH) adn a lot of journalists.

Alexander de Croo is not happy

Alexander de Croo not happy about Greens

Will the flemish greens be out ?

Wouter van Besien (Groen)

Will the French-speaking greens be out

Jean-Michel Javaux (Ecolo)