photography teacher

sander de wilde teached at skvr

At the right we see Sander.

Teaching photography at the SKVR Rotterdam in the Netherlands always was big fun.

Getting my students really enthousiastic about all facets of photography was very satisfying, and maybe I’ll do it again later.

At the grand opening queen Beatrix visited my class of teenagers photographing each other in a pile of sand, as being on the beach,

and later on I gave workshops for the experienced photographers in portaitphotography but also  juwelry- architecture- and camera obscura- workshops came by.


Photography-lessons should always be dynamic-workshop-like do it yourself- experiments with some moments to reflect on what we’ve done, how we’ve done it,

and on how we can be influenced by other photographers.

I never focused on the technique of the camera, but  on the use of light and composition. These aspects are much more important than that stupid camera!