Photostudios for rent in Brussels

I collected all links to rental studios in Brussels. Latest Update December 2014.

For about 400 euros a day you can rent professional studios, day light, flashlight, assistants, equipment and everything else you need.

I made this google map to have a quick look at their locations.

la fabrique 22a is very professional, and rents professional equipment with it.

Famous for its light rentals is Eyelite too but I prefer La Fabrique.

Studio 38 you’ll find near the north-station.

Koca Light just next to La Cambre and Flagey has two rental studios both daylight and black.

Visual news  is in my neighbourhood too, and is itself a photostudio. Their studio is so big, they can rent it while working theirselfs too.

Studio The Cellar is at the south-east of Brussels and starts at 275 half a day.

Link services is a visual service bureau with studios close to the universities of Brussels.

My photographersagency rents studios too, with lights and me as your photographer.

Solid studio is another visual studio who rents their studio space.

GK studio  is a 110 m2 studio at € 350 a day, especially for film & video. Av. des Sept bonniers 49 ( 04 98 80 37 07)

photostudios for rent in Brussels