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A sunday without cars

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Last sunday I was on my bicycle again. An assignment for the Brussels weekly.

Photographing the car free sunday at the borders of Brussels.

Where cars go in, and people change from car to bike, or where drivers get angry while they can’t get into town.

In the end I found myself photographing happy people wandering and biking around the streets of Brussels. Another fun day in the life of a photographer!-)

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September 25, 2014 at 12:55

TIME Special Preview: A Guide to the Best Fall Photo Books

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Sander de Wilde:

You like buying photography Books? I do.

Originally posted on LightBox:

LightBox presents a special preview of the season’s best photography books, featuring new titles from legendary photographers Stephen Shore and Bruce Davidson, as well as inspired work by contemporary photographers Michael Light, Julie Blackmon and LaToya Ruby Frazier.

These photo books, lovingly designed and meticulously edited, are a rare treat in a time when photography is all-too-often relegated to selfies and snapshots, and offer an opportunity to truly indulge in the unfettered beauty of a well-made book.

If you are a publisher and would like to submit a title for our Spring/Summer edition of the Guide, please contact

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September 22, 2014 at 14:01

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How to shoot a billionaire

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For an assignment from The Wall Street Journal I was asked to photograph a CEO during an interview. This sounds rather simple, but in fact it isn’t.

CEO’s mostly don’t have time for photography, and shooting while they are talking and listening with the journalist(s) isn’t very spontaneous.

I arrived early on the job ( in one of the best hotels of Brussels) when it happened that the interview had started even earlier than that.

I entered the room where the interview was taking place and in that small room were already 6 people.

The CEO and someone else, in front of two journalists, and backed by two juridical and communication advisers.

I crawled on my knees from one journalist to another, hoping to see the interviewees in the eyes. Good for me they were catching nice daylight.

After an hour of full concentration, focusing on emotions, gestures, and listening to the Q&A, I thought it would be a good idea not to shoot only the CEO I was asked to shoot, but the other one seemed quite interesting (and funny) too.

In the end ‘the other one’ turned out to be the famous John Malone, an American billionaire and investor. After the interview I asked for a real portrait, but time was finished and I could only do a snap.



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August 1, 2014 at 12:12

why a succesful photojournalist starts a commercial business in 360 photography…

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It was a few months ago when one of the biggest online companies in this world contacted me. They asked me if I’d like to be one of their first 360 photographers in Brussels for their next Google Maps Business Views photography project.

As a journalist I did  feel the crisis, so earning some real money by the side did interest me. And while I didn’t know a lot of 360 photography I agreed to step into this new challenge.

Now I am running a business where I do panoramic Virtual Tours for the Google Business Program in Belgium. All businesses with a free online Google profile can come to my new website Bizbuzz and make an appointment for a Business View. In a few weeks the interior of their hotel, shop, office, or venue can be online for the entire world. In New York this is common for all businesses, but in Europe the project just started up.

That is also why some of you already some some new 3D projects. I intend to use the technique also in journalistic ways. Journalism is becoming more and more an -experience business- so I will be trying to sell journalistic slideshow and QVR movies to online media in the near future. Google Views is the platform for this.

For more info, just comment please or fill in the form.

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August 1, 2014 at 11:11

Dejeuner sur asphalt

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It was some time ago I did this assignment on the ‘Picnic the streets’ in Brussels.

As my series of last year was nominated for the Belfius photography award I thought it would be nice to shoot the people picnicking for a car free city center in Brussels as top shots again.It’s just fascninating to see how little (just a cropped topshot) can say so much about these people, what they wear, what they eat, who they are, and why they pic nic on the street instead of the lawn in the park. The is on the city center mainroad normally crowded with cars, while in Belgium and Brussels, a car still is everything (for most people).

And that is just why I don’t own a car and go to most assignments by bicycle or public transport!-)

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August 1, 2014 at 11:03

Pop-ups in Brussels: Gin + Tea

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Sander de Wilde:

My first reblog, on a nice pop up restaurant in Brussels/ Ixelles by Angelina Hue

Originally posted on Angelina Hue:

“Pop-ups are so passé in the UK,” a colleague recently said to me. I’ve no doubt that she’s right but I love the idea of such ephemeral experiences regardless of how trendy (or not) they may be. As long as they are done right – by this, I mean it should be an unusual and indelible occurrence within a limited period.

Recently, in Brussels, I had the pleasure of going to two such pop-ups.

The first, The Tea Garage, was literally a tea bar in a garage. I had walked past it last year – it’s round the corner from my place – but didn’t stop to find out more then as I thought it was a private event. It was by chance that I read about it on Facebook this year. I immediately made a note to check it out during one of the three weekends that it would be running.

You could either…

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July 8, 2014 at 09:11

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How the view of my bedroom window ended on the cover of two newspapers today

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While having been on the road for this entire weekend photographing assignments, I thought I finally could enjoy the weather in my backyard.

No, Heavy storms passed over Belgium, with hail stones like easter eggs.

This hail didn’t fall over here, but I did see a sky I had never seen.

This sky looked like the sea in a heavy storm. It looked like an upside down painting of the ocean!


I took some snaps,

and while I thought it would be ok to send to our national newspapers through our photographers collective IMAGEDESK, I gave it a try.


The very next morning two national Newspapers had used the same image on their frontpage.

I don’t like assignments about the weather (meaning national) where the photoeditor asks you to do something with snow/rain/hail/storm or whatever.

But this way, just because I wanted to make this picture to help keep this moment, is a nice way to get my work published.



Have a look at the frontpage of De Standaard and De Tijd.

You can also order your print to hang on your wall or to publish it in your magazine.



Frontpage De Tijd with my dark sky photograph

Frontpage De Tijd with my dark sky photograph cropped


order a print for your wall

order a print for your wall

Frontpage De Standaard with my dark sky photograph

Frontpage De Standaard with my dark sky photograph

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June 10, 2014 at 08:35


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