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Photographer Sander de Wilde nominated for Belgian Belfius Press Award photojournalism again.

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This series is now nominated for the Belgian Belfius bank photojournalism award 2013.

I won this award 2 years ago. Couldn’t submit pictures last year but was in the jury, and now, this year I’m nominated again!

That’s really great news, especially 1 day before my birthday!-)

Written by Sander de Wilde

April 7, 2014 at 12:58

photographing Chinese president Xi Jinping visiting Brussels

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At several events Chinese president Xi Jinping can be photographed. I choose to sacrifice my sunday morning (summertime just started) to photograph him arriving at the Royal Palace of Belgium. King Filip and queen Mathilde attended Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife.

After shooting the obvious (we were stuck on a podium with all media, so how to make something special out of this?) I freed myself and went photographing the crowd. Many Chinese living or studying in Brussels gathered here to wave their flags or to dance some traditional dances. (and sing like the wife of the president used to do)


Well, at least these pictures are colorful and bright. Of course the media did not use them (yet)  because the most interesting info on his visit is the president in Pairi Daiza, visiting his Pandas…..


Written by Sander de Wilde

March 31, 2014 at 11:55

Photographing Barack Obama from up close…

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No, that just wasn’t possible. Ok, at the European Commission I could get a few meters from him. Though it was no more than a talking head, I stayed focused on his gestures, smiles, eyes and expressions for the entire press conference, ending up with a nice series of portraits.

Probably just like the 50 other photographers in the room.

Some of them send there pictures right to their picture editor, who will select the best one and fill in all iptc information.


I don’t do that. I am a slow photojournalist.

Shooting all this in RAW makes me get home with a lot of footage. With my cup of coffee in one hand I select the best images using Photo Mechanics,

and will do a little postproduction in Adobe Lightroom.


From there I also add the precise details in the caption and then I finally can deliver my images to my agency, or I send it directly to the papers and magazines.


Now I need to find a photoeditor who doesn’t choose the first or cheapest picture of the event, but an editor looking for a high quality picture of the event, with bright colors and interesting composition.

I only get updates of my agency once a month, so it will take about 5 weeks until I know they have sold one picture. And a lot of times really nothing is sold while all agencies have about the same pictures.


at least I end up with some nice pics for my pf.



Written by Sander de Wilde

March 31, 2014 at 11:43

Birgit Sippel photographed for Metall Zeitung

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Birgit Sippel photographed in Brussels by Sander de Wilde

Birgit Sippel photographed in Brussels by Sander de Wilde



It has been almost four months since I last touched my Blog.

I know this is not smart whenever you want to collect ‘followers’ or just readers, but something changed…

I was just too busy and/or had other priorities. Life is to good to spend much time behind a screen, and as a photographer I do this already too often.


Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that from my point of view the EU economy is on the rise. The last few months were the busiest of my six years in Brussels, and yes, I’m very happy with that. I have a great set of clients, coming back and bringing in others. And they have great and exciting assignments for me.

Like IG metall, who asked me to portray mrs. Sippel ( European Parliament) for a feature.

Only problem was there was not a lot of time, it had to be “EU – like” and that morning at 8 o’clock it was damn cold and windy.


Still, with a little help of my wireless flashes and a good dose of humor we made this sympathetic image of her in front of the EP.

For her it was only 10 minutes in her busy schedule, for me it was another challenge.
IG Metall used it in their Metall Zeitung over the entire page.


I’ll show some other ‘latest works’ later on.

Thanks for being patient with me, later,



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March 14, 2014 at 15:24

Why this images has been seen >6000 times

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Views: Grand Place Brussels by Sander de Wilde
Well, probably while it is the ‘Grote Markt’, the center of Brussels, the main tourist attraction, and when future visitors (tourists) check out Brussels online,
they often end up visiting Brussels using Google Maps. Exploring the Grote Markt can be done by using Street View, Panoramio, and now even better:
Using Google Views.
Did you know these panoramas can be made commercially too?
You now can hire a photographer (like me) and let him produce a professional 360 of your business (shop, hotel, B&B), and let him upload it to Views.
Of course you can try this yourself too, but the shere quality when using a professional pays of.
You pano will be on Google Views, and (when approved) it can show up in Google Maps too. A great way to communicate with future clients,
and to show off your beautiful business.

Written by Sander de Wilde

November 25, 2013 at 08:30

A Murdered Son, A Father’s Grief And Google’s Brush With Photojournalism – Forbes

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See on Scoop.it360 VR photography

A Murdered Son, A Father’s Grief And Google’s Brush With Photojournalism
That crux in photojournalism, to show the truth, is rife with factors to consider, while Google’s less blinking eye exists to show the way.

See on

Written by Sander de Wilde

November 20, 2013 at 09:44

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Photographing royalty can be big fun

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At the last ‘blijde intrede’, a tour where the new Belgian Royals King Philippe and queen Mathilde visit all provinces of Belgium, last but not least they visited Brussels.

Every now and then I photograph royalty too (it is the best selling subject worldwide, helas) and this time I was there too, on this rainy day.

As there are so many other photographers too, I tried to focus un the surroundings and hidden moments of the day.




Janssen & Janssen

Janssen & Janssen

This situation reminded me of Tin Tin’s Janssen and Janssen.

cityhall Brussels

cityhall Brussels

Carpark of the royal family is surreal

Zwarte pieten bestaan ook in Belgie

Zwarte pieten bestaan ook in Belgie


In the Netherlands there is this discussion of Zwarte Pieten, but here in Brussel I see them all around…

Royals peek through a window

Royals peek through a window

O yes, I shot the royals themselves too, peeking through a window from cityhall, not so happy with the weather I guess.

Written by Sander de Wilde

November 7, 2013 at 12:18


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