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Pop-ups in Brussels: Gin + Tea

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Sander de Wilde:

My first reblog, on a nice pop up restaurant in Brussels/ Ixelles by Angelina Hue

Originally posted on Angelina Hue:

“Pop-ups are so passé in the UK,” a colleague recently said to me. I’ve no doubt that she’s right but I love the idea of such ephemeral experiences regardless of how trendy (or not) they may be. As long as they are done right – by this, I mean it should be an unusual and indelible occurrence within a limited period.

Recently, in Brussels, I had the pleasure of going to two such pop-ups.

The first, The Tea Garage, was literally a tea bar in a garage. I had walked past it last year – it’s round the corner from my place – but didn’t stop to find out more then as I thought it was a private event. It was by chance that I read about it on Facebook this year. I immediately made a note to check it out during one of the three weekends that it would be running.

You could either…

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July 8, 2014 at 09:11

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How the view of my bedroom window ended on the cover of two newspapers today

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While having been on the road for this entire weekend photographing assignments, I thought I finally could enjoy the weather in my backyard.

No, Heavy storms passed over Belgium, with hail stones like easter eggs.

This hail didn’t fall over here, but I did see a sky I had never seen.

This sky looked like the sea in a heavy storm. It looked like an upside down painting of the ocean!


I took some snaps,

and while I thought it would be ok to send to our national newspapers through our photographers collective IMAGEDESK, I gave it a try.


The very next morning two national Newspapers had used the same image on their frontpage.

I don’t like assignments about the weather (meaning national) where the photoeditor asks you to do something with snow/rain/hail/storm or whatever.

But this way, just because I wanted to make this picture to help keep this moment, is a nice way to get my work published.



Have a look at the frontpage of De Standaard and De Tijd.

You can also order your print to hang on your wall or to publish it in your magazine.



Frontpage De Tijd with my dark sky photograph

Frontpage De Tijd with my dark sky photograph cropped


order a print for your wall

order a print for your wall

Frontpage De Standaard with my dark sky photograph

Frontpage De Standaard with my dark sky photograph

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June 10, 2014 at 08:35

Behind the scenes of Flemish N-VA with Bart De Wever

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It was a special day. The elections in Belgium.

An exciting day for Bart De Wever, his party being one of the favourites, and as we now know, the big winner in Flanders.

I had the possibility to follow him on that day, form his ‘green room’ at the N-VA headquarters in Brussels.




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May 28, 2014 at 09:53

Cover BDW on voting

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photographed yesterday in a tea house in Brussels

photographed yesterday in a tea house in Brussels


It was only yesterday that I photographed this very nice guy in a teahouse in the centre of Brussels (Antoine Dansaert street)

He told me they had tried to use their window to show all the election posters of Brussels centre, demonstrating that ‘they’ (the north-africans drinking their tea and playing their games here)  don’t make a difference between skin color or political party.


The Brussels weekly used the image for their entire front page, so yes, this is the first time they publish a square image. Normally it’s always horizontal.

Well, I’m curious what the elections will bring for Belgium and Europe. A pity I can’t vote for the Belgian elections, but I sure will support the European elections. Hope you do too.


Here you’ll see some of the pictures I have made on the same subject, the coming elections.


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May 21, 2014 at 10:20

Belgian Belfius press award winners photojournalism 2013 known

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On this website you can have a look at the winners for this year.


As you know I was one of the happy few being nominated but this year it was Yves Herman that won the € 2000 prize money with his series on policemen being covered in foam, put on them by angry firemen.





In the brochure that was printed for the event, the comment of the jury really touched my heart.


Sander de Wilde

Een wilde asfaltpicknick voor de Beurs van Brussel moet de
aandacht vestigen op de noodzaak van een verkeersluw Brussel.
De fotograaf heeft deze boodschap van convivialiteit vertaald in
een serie foto’s die overlopen van poëzie. Door een doorgedreven
gebruik van zijn fisheye-lens resulteert dit in een reeks van
opmerkelijke topshots die de kijker het gevoel geeft zelf middenin
de picknick beland te zijn. Een fascinerende reeks.


A wild asphalt picnic for the Brussels Stock Exchange must
highlight the need for a traffic Brussels.
The photographer has this message of conviviality translated into
a series of photographs that overflow of poetry. Through the extensive
use of fisheye lens, this resulted in a series of
remarkable topshots which gives the viewer the feeling of being in the middle
of the picnic . A fascinating series.


It was a real pity that winner Yves Herman wasn’t there to pick up the price, but I had a great evening and was happy to talk to Johanna de Tessières, the other finalist.


Belfius awards nominees photography

Belfius awards nominees photography

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May 15, 2014 at 15:22

Belfius press awards nominees photography

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One day before the Finale. These are the three nominees for the Belgian Belfius press award. I’m in there with my topshot series of the famous Brussels’ picknick: PickNick the streets.


Angry Brussels’ citizens occupied the streets in the center of Brussels almost a year ago.

They want Brussels to be friendly for tourist and pedestrians, in stead of being a highway for cars all over town.



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May 13, 2014 at 10:32

Photographer Sander de Wilde nominated for Belgian Belfius Press Award photojournalism again.

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This series is now nominated for the Belgian Belfius bank photojournalism award 2013.

I won this award 2 years ago. Couldn’t submit pictures last year but was in the jury, and now, this year I’m nominated again!

That’s really great news, especially 1 day before my birthday!-)

Written by Sander de Wilde

April 7, 2014 at 12:58


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